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My Gear List


  • Backpack: Gossamer Gear Kumo 36 (18.5 oz)

  • Tent: Sierra Designs Lightning 2 (Tim & I split this up when we hike) (4 lbs?)

  • Sleeping Bag: Marmot Ultra Elite 20 (just under 2 lbs)

  • Sleeping Pad: Thermarest Z Lite Sol (14 oz)

  • Other Sleeping: Blow up pillow, Tyvek groundsheet.

  • Eating/Drinking: Plastic mug, Ziplock container for food soaking, titanium spork, Sawyer Squeeze mini, two Smartwater bottles, knife, 1 gallon Ziplock bag of food, mini sponge.

  • Electronics: Canon SL1 in a beanie, iPhone, power bank, chargers, mini keychain light.

  • Other: Hiking poles, Sewing needle, permits & maps, duct tape (wrapped on hiking poles), clean bandana, pee rag, glasses & sun glasses, mini wallet with money and cards, compass.

  • Clothes in Stuff Sack: 2 underwear (Exofficio), 1 puffy jacket, 1 sports bra, 2 Injinji socks, 1 thick sleep socks, 1 base layer leggings, 1 running pants, trail runners, sun hat, running shorts, tank top, long sleeve shirt (light weight & breathable), optional gloves, optional ultralight rain jacket, optional camp shoes (flipflops), beanie (doubles as camera bag).

  • Toiletries in Mini Ultralight Bag: Toilet paper, optional baby wipes, tooth brush & paste, sunscreen, chapstick, hand sanitizer, optional floss (can also be used as sewing string), nail clippers, hair ties, mini deoderant.

  • First Aid (in Same Bag as Toiletries): Headache meds, Pepto chews, Benadryl, Technu (for poison oak), period stuff, inhaler, bandages, electrolyte pills, water purifying tabs, other wound closures/gauze pads, moleskin (duct tape does the same thing), antibiotic ointment, waterproof matches.

  • Optional/When Needed: Bear canister, mini towel, little radio (R.I.P.), bathing suit, soap (for traveling/towns, not for hiking), tent stakes if it's windy, gaiters, sun umbrella, ear plugs.


For the PCT I used mostly the same stuff as above, but some of my gear has been upgraded or downgraded. I still own it all of it so I have the option of using my old gear for shorter trips (like if I want to cook).

  • Backpack: Osprey Kyte 46

  • Sleeping Bag: Marmot Aspen Minimalist 40 with Sea to Summit Thermolite liner (upgraded to a warmer bag what weighs about the same).

  • Sleeping Pad: REI Trekker (blow up pad) instead of foam pad.

  • Eating Drinking: Steripen instead of Sawyer squeeze, Osprey water bladder 2.5 liter instead of Smartwater bottles, cooking pot, MSR pocket rocket stove and fuel canister, lighter, tinfoil DIY wind blocker instead of no cook (just a plastic container for soaking).

  • Electronics: Headlamp instead of keychain light.

For traveling for Europe for four months I used some of the same gear as I did on the Pacific Crest Trail (minus almost all of the camping/cooking equipment). Same backpack and sleeping bag. We brought an ultralight tarp that we slept on top of while camping instead of a tent. About the same amount of clothes but real clothes instead of workout stuff. I brought an iPad for reading/writing/internet. The titanium spork was actually very useful.

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