2 people, 2 years, 20 countries: Trading leisure and enlightenment for sunburns, scars, and blisters. This book details an attempted thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, traveling across the USA twice, and exploring nineteen European countries in four months, including riding a flea market bike from Vienna to Budapest.

I Have Everything I Need


“If you’re looking for a unique perspective on travel, this is the book for you! The author covers hundreds of miles through the U.S. and Europe on roads far less travelled than anything found in your typical “big adventure, Eat, Pray, Love” cliché travel memoir, and the twists and turns she encounters along the way bring an honesty to the experience so often lost in this genre. I loved reading how she and her partner valued experiences and human connections over luxury and normal tourism traps, and how they balanced planning their trips on a budget with spontaneity. Highly recommend for anyone interested in walking, biking, and train-hopping their way through life, abroad or right at home!” - C.S.

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